August but it Feels like Autumn

The weather is getting cooler and I was walking this evening. I’ve started to walk when I want to listen to new music, so I can hear an album through from beginning to end. On my way back, right as I was walking the last few metres before houses and trees start to close around you, the sun came out from under the clouds. Resting just above the top of the trees while the rest of the sky was still a dark grey. It made stripes of field glow in yellow as the rain kept falling. Weather makes me feel things.

Here’s a completely unrelated picture of a sketch I’m working on right now.


8 thoughts on “August but it Feels like Autumn

      • Sorry, I keep referring to the place as the Moon because nothing usual that’s available everywhere reaches here, and normally people don’t know where the place is when I tell a proper name so I just call it the Moon. Like something far away and apparently unreachable. I’m in a country on Balkans. It’s +25C at night and I don’t even want to think how hot it is during the day.

      • Sorry for the late reply 🙂 I also didn’t mean to highjack your post and talk about my region. I started seeing people online who say it’s already autumn there. I would really love to have some of it too. We do have AC but then you are confined to a room for the whole day and AC is still not the same as good fresh air.

      • Thanks! It’s already here. We’ve been having some rains which is a relief even when it’s still hot and the rains come with thunderstorms, it’s still much better. Thank you! 😄

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