What do you want?

Ask yourself:
What do you really want?
What do you still want?
Here is my current list:
  1. Jesus
  2. Love (friends, family)
  3. Art, to live and breathe and soak in it
  4. Fresh flowers
  5. Happiness Truth
  6. To run away and see the world

Keep writing these lists. Find what doesn’t change.

DIY Birthday present

For my friend who didn’t want anyone to buy anything, so I just painted something small. Also, it says “For Julia, who always is so much laughter and summer and sunshine” She always has the cosiest late summer night birthday parties, it feels like stepping into a real life inspirational pinterest board.

IMG_3795 IMG_3796 IMG_3797 IMG_3798
Hugs to everyone!

What happened with the days?

The days when the world was new, sky bright and beginnings chasing endings, roadside writing and barefoot jumping where we shouldn’t

They turned auburn and sultry, sweet like smoke and pretty like stitches and open wounds and fire (Then all things died before they grew again (All but people is circular))

(What happened to the days) They didn’t change. But the lines in you face are there to stay and as long as you say you always have now you’re lying the way our hearts teach us from the very first day (about immortality and life)

In the infinite expanse of time, the sun will rise as brightly the day you die as it does now. May your bruises leak sunshine and your heart be sore from memories of move
The Lazarus trees will never teach you how
Days don’t grow old the way bodies do.


Look at these pictures and guess what time it is. IMG_1459


Or well, I suppose the title kinda gives it away. But yeah, Swedish summer for you. Bright as day at 02.35 in the night. And it’s hard to go to bed when you’re in love with the night and can have it without darkness. Also, I love painting when the world is asleep.

IMG_1466Good night wishes to all of you. (And even those of you who dream best when you’re awake, don’t be like me and forget to sleep.)

Prom and Graduation Photobooomb

Because I realised I’ve forgotten to upload any of this.. Prom was great, but mostly due to the whole dressing up part, apart from that it was mostly a dinner and then going to the club. Graduation – I don’t even know – it was probably the most intense day of my life and now it feels like a dream, but in a good way haha. Anyway, let the photobombing start.

IMG_1217 IMG_1232 IMG_1164  IMG_1142 IMG_1137 IMG_1131

Aaaand the day of my graduation. I realised these pictures might seem a bit strange if you’re not familiar with the classic Swedish graduation traditions, but well just.. don’t.. question it.

IMG_1335 IMG_1329 IMG_1307IMG_1363IMG_3614

If you’re in school, believe me when I say it will be over in the blink of an eye. Enjoy it. (But also remember that then the rest of your life starts, and that.. is gonna be good)


Problem of The Artist (The Ability – Ambition Gap)

There are two sides to any sort of creating:
  1. What you want to express, say, do.
  2. Your ability to do it.
The first one, many people have, the second one, not so many. Because the first one is instinctual. Natural. Inspired by the outside world, but also everything you are, letting it out. The second one means fighting for the first one. Because it all comes down to communication, making other people see what you see, whether it’s through a text or a video or a picture or something completely different. And this is where it’s easy to give up, because a lot of time the gap between the first and the second point will seem impossible to get over. For a great part of my life, I’ve never even thought about the fact that maybe one day I will be able to paint down what I see in my head and be happy with it. But I believe that day will come. I hope it will, because I have to. That’s how you continue. Because everything you create and become unhappy with is a part of what you will create and be happy with, later. It’s the warm up. You’re building up to it. Do it publicly or secretly, just know that one day you will see your soul in a creation. And if the first thing, your want to express something, is strong enough to get you through the ups and downs of the second step, then I suppose you’re an artist.

Happy endings

I just handed in my last essay. 2 days to prom, 11 days til I graduate, and I have no more tests. No more essays. Quizzes, presentations.. it’s over. And what if I never study again? I don’t know where life’s gonna take me, but what if I don’t? Then I’m done. I can focus the rest of my life on doing what I want. I can learn because I want to and not because there’s a deadline tomorrow. So I’m just very excited and wanted to share it with you.

And my last blog post started off with me saying I don’t like endings. You know what? Sometimes I kinda do.

Completely irrelevant photo I took a while ago, because pictures making every blog post nicer, even when it's just random rambling.

Completely irrelevant photo I took a while ago, because pictures just make every blog post nicer, even random rambling.

To the future and beyond (look forward to prom pictures!!).