I used to write about it.

Now I have the words for it.  

Now I don’t need to find them.


(Okay, I know you’re not supposed to explain things like that, that was just a short little text you guys should have your own interpretation of, but actually I wrote that down because I looked through this blog and I used to write these really pretentious texts (and I still do), but they were sort of poetic, my thoughts about life and whatever I was fighting myself about at the moment. I still do that. Write things in my journal, about whatever mess I’ve got going on in my head this time. The thing is, it’s always the same mess. How do I write that a million ways. No, why?)

I fall asleep at the bottom of the ocean.


I am the master of sleeping the whole day, but I can’t do it when my life is just an open undefined un-planned white void of a future when I look at it in my head. So I have to make plans. Lately I’ve been making really detailed schedules. I don’t want to feel like I have to do that every day, but it’s good. Also there’s that leaf I picked while I was out biking and longboarding (between 10 and 10.30 am).


And here’s a cozy picture from last week, when my friend asked if we should drive to the national park closeby, bring a thermos with tea and watch the sunset. Life is v autumnal.


4th of October

Today was the last day of my job. And it was horribly sad. But there’s also nothing that makes you feel so appreciated. I need to remember things people said and how groups of people all ran and hugged me, and how much I care for them all. In the afternoon we had the yearly school race, and I walked around the track as the kids ran, giving them all high fives and hugs.

Then my friend came and we went to Sannamarken, which is a market and basically the biggest event in the town where I (used to) teach. We tried to find all the places where you could try stuff for free. Marmalade and cheese and candy. I got to see basically all of my students again. We bought cozy socks, and she won me a stuffed animal, and I won one for her. We’re not very good at things like that though, so we won small pink fishes instead of cute teddy bears, but that’s okay. Also we met some really tall guys.

Happy autumn!