Fun fact: Yesterday I got really excited about an idea and I wanted to make a pretty headline for it in my notebook, I googled a picture of a lightbulb and everything, and I almost forgot the actual idea like ten times while making it decorative. (BUT I DIDN’T, I PROMISE.)


Sunday thoughts (2)

(From a weekend away with my church. We do this every autumn, go somewhere and fill the days with get-to-know-each-other-games and bible studies. When I was a kid it was the biggest event of the year, sharing a room with friends and staying up til midnight. It’s different now, not bad though. This year I had deep conversations with the adults. I’m in between categories.)


Anyway, thought of the week:
Maybe your weakness is revealed not so you can finally get out of it, but so that you can be in it. Stay in the place of desperation. Find yourself in humility.

Try Out Edits

Step 1: Feel the insecurities well up inside when you realise you have no idea how to continue your painting. You’re kind of happy with it and feel like it can only go downhill from here. You’re generally bad at finishing things.


Step 2: Edit a photo of your painting, so you can see what different ways of continuing would look like! You do now not have to paint anything until you’re like, quite certain you won’t mess up.


Step 3: Safely choose the route you prefer.


(Wish you could do this with life.)