Rules and tips for attending a big concert

So I went to the One Direction concert when they were here in Sweden.. (shut up.) And I just thought I’d share a few of the things I learnt along the way of going to a concert this big, standing in line for hours and so on. Now, most bands do not have fans as fanatic as One Direction, so these things might not be relevant to¬†everyone, but if you want to be prepared for fangirl attacks, here are some things to go by!

1. Be clever when it comes to packing for the day. If you’re going to stand (or sit) in line for a long time, make sure to bring things appropriate for that. I brought card games, which was a mess amongst all the people and the wind. You want something that is quick to get out of your bag and then back in, a book perhaps, or maybe a notebook.

2. Bring the right food, and make sure to stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle with you, and perhaps some soda. You want your food and your snacks to be easily accessible, maybe a salad and some chips, chocolate and a few cookies.

3. Battery. Your phone might very possibly die. So make sure to charge it as close to the concert as possible, and even if it’s a good way to pass time, try to do things not involving your phone while standing in line. Also, make sure you’ll be okay if your phone does die. Memorize the numbers to the friends you’re there with, or write them down on a piece of paper so that you can¬†borrow someone else’s phone and call them. You could write down the numbers on your arm, but make sure your pen is good because on me they had faded before the concert was over!

4. Actually be there. There are plenty of people there to document it and you can spend hours looking at their concerts on youtube later. But you’re just there once (probably) so make sure that you don’t spend the entire night looking at them through the screen of your phone. Of course you can record them, and maybe you want to show everyone how good your seats were, but make sure that you also spend some time just being there, seeing them with your own eyes and making some memories that are just your own.

5. Be kind. Come on, people. This especially applies to One Direction – or other equally fangirlish – concerts. Pushing while standing in line is not going to get you far, it’s first when the concert actually starts that the war about the places begins, and be respectful then too. If someone is fainting or feeling sick, let them pass. We get that you want to see the band, but don’t let that turn you into an egoistic brat. Just, you know, make some fiends instead. Get to know the people you’re standing next to. And make sure that you enjoy your night!

Final dance

So now this year’s dance shows are over, they turned out to be unexpectedly many. This theater teacher saw us dance to a song they were gonna have in their production, so she invited us to dance there to, and in addition they needed more pirates in the play so we got to dress up and act a tiny bit! I think acting might be one of the most difficult creative things to do. I realize the few times that I try that I don’t know what a human really does or act or look like in different situations. Acting is about observing people, just like drawing or writing, but then to show the truth about the people you observe using your own body is impressing. But fun. And in the end we even got roses for our trouble!