Drunk on feelings

I’m a drug addict, but instead of atoms you’ll find feelings injected in my veins, and I crave them. Crave them when I feel way to empty, and the longing after them might paradoxically be the strongest of them. I want to define them, ground them, put them down on pages and scream them out in words. Paint my skin with their colour and patterns and let the water in the watercolour paintings of them run down the walls. I’ve never considered myself a happy person, because I have this. Because when I’m far away from God I’m drowning. My heart can find no peace and so I climb the walls and tear at my skin and curse the laziness that just makes me want to sleep when my brain is to high to find any rest. I used to think I was controlled by my thoughts because I’m always thinking too much, but what I’m thinking about is now and always depending on what I’m feeling, with no rationality or logic to remind me that sadness or joy is temporary. I’m an addict because my feelings control me way to much and I love them.


So the keyboard on my computer broke down! And so I had to send it in to be fixed but it’s back now and so am I. It’s that time of the year where every second of every day is taken up by something you should do, two weeks packed with national tests, oral presentations, dance lessons nearly every day, an animated movie I have to make and a few more things. I hate it and absolutely love it. And when I finish that movie I have to make I’ll probably upload it to youtube so I’ll link it from here. It’s my astronomy project and the title is Science – fiction and non-fiction. So anyway, now that I’m back I will, well hopefully post here every day, muchos hugs to everyone.