Sweden (a night in spring time)


Tonight I didn’t really feel like going to bed, and didn’t get tired – just more awake – so I saw the sun set and then saw it rise again. It’s 4.37 now and well technicallly the sun is not up, I can just see the gold behind the trees, but the sky is already a light blue. I went jogging a while ago, at like 4. The birds were being so loud. The forest really smelled like forest, the grass like wet grass. Everything was a bit hazy without my glasses, a bit cool toned without the sun, but the bright and clear and lovely. I put on a wool sweater because the time right before the sunrise is always the coldest. The wind still blew through it when I ran, but when I stopped I was wrapped up in the warmth of the forest. We’ll see when I get up tomorrow. I think I’ll just take a nap now, but we’ll see. Goodnight.DSC_0617-01.jpeg


(I slept until like noon.)

yellow walls

Me and Bonnie, she is the queen of taking instagram worthy pictures in front of pretty walls and flowers. Sarasota has a lot of both. She’s quite pretty too. And a great person to talk to about art and Jesus.


I’ve been staying with her and a house full of other friends for a week now before I’m going home to Sweden. It’s been good. Honestly, I could stay in this house forever, eating strawberries for lunch and long conversations for breakfast.

And here are some random photos: sketches I won’t be able to fit in my suitcase when I go, and Katie being her always photogenic self. Her room is great to sneak into when you need cuddles, good conversations and fairy lights.





(Last goodbye from Florida)

What my indecisiveness doesn’t want to hear.

You know what? Sometimes I think God almost gets more excited about our own will than His. I think He sees our ideas and dreams and just sorta stands there clapping His hands.

aHHH, let’s think about what we actually think about the character of God.

If we do believe that He is a loving, good, kind father, it changes how we approach Him with ideas and choices. We can run like kids to Him, excited to show the new things in our minds. We jump up and down, asking what He thinks and He smiles. Of course He might need to sit us down and talk about some of the things, maybe sometimes we don’t have it completely right. But we don’t have to approach Him timidly. We know who He is, and so we don’t have to hide ourselves behind our own backs. Stop being so bothered about the will of God and run to Him with everything you have. Your mind is intertwined with His. Your heart getting there.

and that’s why your will to please God is the main thing to ensure you do so.

(Someone said that to me once, that your will to please God pleases Him. I thought it was advice along the way – words of comfort while I waited for that clear, loud voice – when in reality, it’s an answer all in itself.)