Sweden (a night in spring time)


Tonight I didn’t really feel like going to bed, and didn’t get tired – just more awake – so I saw the sun set and then saw it rise again. It’s 4.37 now and well technicallly the sun is not up, I can just see the gold behind the trees, but the sky is already a light blue. I went jogging a while ago, at like 4. The birds were being so loud. The forest really smelled like forest, the grass like wet grass. Everything was a bit hazy without my glasses, a bit cool toned without the sun, but the bright and clear and lovely. I put on a wool sweater because the time right before the sunrise is always the coldest. The wind still blew through it when I ran, but when I stopped I was wrapped up in the warmth of the forest. We’ll see when I get up tomorrow. I think I’ll just take a nap now, but we’ll see. Goodnight.DSC_0617-01.jpeg


(I slept until like noon.)

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