Summer 2019

This blog was created by Linnéa in 2014, as a place to share whatever she wants. From dealing with the constriced life in school to the unrestricted space of adulthood and “figuring things out” (whatever that means), this is the documentation of it.


I also have a website here:


Spring 2018

Hi. I’m Linnéa, 22 years old from Sweden. I want to spend my life exploring the world, travelling and writing and creating. Like, I actually just want to spend my life writing in cute cafés. I don’t really have a clearly formulated calling or a 10 year life plan, but I do have some questions that I want my life to be about. Not necessarily answer, but just be about.


What does it look like to live with God? 

What is freedom? 

Physical vs. Spiritual, abstract realities. (I know that’s not really a question.)

The great exhange (not really a question either, working on it.)


(The thing is, life really is less of a ten step plan and more of a compass, basically like that one in pirates of the carribbean that points to what you want the most. Follow it. Be careful what you want the most.)

Winter 2017-2018

(in progress)

Summer 2017
Current location: Sarasota, FL, USA.
Working with: YWAM Sarasota
Moving to:
Loving: The current season I’m in
Reading: Lady midnight and like three more books at the same time (bad idea)
Happy about: Oh gosh, so many things

I am working as a missionary with YWAM in Sarasota, FL! If you’re interested in following me on this journey you can, well, follow this blog, or send me your email address and you’ll get my newsletter! 


Spring 2017
Current location: Sweden

Working with: Teaching
Moving to: America
Loving: Art
Reading: A tale of two cities
Happy about: The birds are singing until midnight, spring is coming.

I think this blog is just here for me to create a little something out of all the things that flow through my head on an average day.

I like to ask myself why we share things on the internet. What is art? Does any of this matter? I don’t know, I’m a 21 year old who doesn’t really know what she’s doing with her life and here is where I scream for attention from random strangers. Connect. Let’s call it connect. Here is where I connect with people, so feel free to drop a comment or let me know what goes through your head on an everyday basis.

If you’ve read this far and actually want to know something about who I am, I’m a swedish girl who’s currently working in a school. In june 2017 I’m moving to Florida to be a missionary with the organisation YWAM. It’s terrifying, and at the moment I’m dealing with how to ask people if they want to financially support you, without being offensive. I mean, we do have a weird way of looking at money, and it’s one of the areas in which I’m learning and re-learning things all the time. At the moment I’m practicing being generous, because I can’t really hold other people to a higher standard than myself, right?

Anyway. I look forward a lot to life. The place I’m going to in America focuses on using art to reach out to people, and I want to figure out how to do that. I want to spend the rest of my days being in pain and love and excitement, and that’s really all I have to say. Maybe one day I’ll update this page so that it makes sense, but probably not.

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