Dead Mans Paint

Today I overslept, accidentaly ditched my friend and almost arrived late to an interview. It was like a movie, trying to grab all my stuff while dropping things, running through the rain and looking disgusting as I got there.

Then everything started looking up. Part of it were some great conversations I had with some random people, but the best thing is that I found a box full of art supplies for 85 sek in a second hand store. It probably belonged to some random artist who died. All artsy and morbid. Hence the title of this post, relatively non-misleading. 14895435_1841609682719110_1281509504_oI also bought water mixable oil colours, at the art store this time, and they’re so good?? Like seriously, I found out that this existed just a few weeks ago, and oil colours that can be mixed with water, I don’t quite understand why more peole don’t use them. So far they’re awesome.14958150_1841609679385777_1266439973_o20161026_191824


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