Dead Mans Paint

Today I overslept, accidentaly ditched my friend and almost arrived late to an interview. It was like a movie, trying to grab all my stuff while dropping things, running through the rain and looking disgusting as I got there.

Then everything started looking up. Part of it were some great conversations I had with some random people, but the best thing is that I found a box full of art supplies for 85 sek in a second hand store. It probably belonged to some random artist who died. All artsy and morbid. Hence the title of this post, relatively non-misleading. 14895435_1841609682719110_1281509504_oI also bought water mixable oil colours, at the art store this time, and they’re so good?? Like seriously, I found out that this existed just a few weeks ago, and oil colours that can be mixed with water, I don’t quite understand why more peole don’t use them. So far they’re awesome.14958150_1841609679385777_1266439973_o20161026_191824


T minus 30 (days)


5 things I’m stressed out over

  1. I’ve got no job for the summer. Because I was going to maybe be involved in this dance project, but then nothing happened.
  2. Well, I’ve got no plans for life at all pretty much (quite a lot of dreams though).
  3. in 30 days I graduate and I have a million things to do before then.
  4. In 30 days I’ll leave my class in school, my art class, my dance class, my christian school group, all these small communities that I’ve taken for granted.
  5. What if I fail doing everything I’ve ever wanted.

5 things I’m grateful for

  1. I have so many fun things ahead of me during these last few weeks.
  2. How a school class always becomes really social when everyone realises that this will end soon.
  3. This is such a beautiful and bittersweet time.
  4. That I haven’t let fear of uncertainty lead me to seek structure I do not want.
  5. What if I succeed.

Work in progress, the sort of thing it’s fun to be busy with.