I’ve gotten a job as a dance teacher! It makes me jump out of happiness and stress out about the lessons I have to plan. But I’m happy, most of all I’m happy, so many people are on the lookout for jobs and I got one without even putting effort into looking, bonus that I get paid for something I’d probably do for free. Terrifies me though because I’ve got no idea what you can expect from different age groups? Guess I’ll figure it out.

Do you guys ever wish you were clearly defined by one of your hobbies? I wish I was a star dancer or famous artist or known writer, instead of just liking a little of each. Wish I’d started something when I was really young and then never quitted it. Have to remind myself of that every time I want to quit on of the hobbies I have now.

4 thoughts on “Dancing

  1. It’s really nice to have your hobby as your job. But sometimes it is not an option for some people. Look closely to dancing, art and writing and you will find that there is a one that you enjoy doing the most. Take that one, devote more time and effort in it and you will be a star in it! It is good though to keep your other skills and passions live too. Congratulations on the new job and good luck 🙂


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