The best 3 TV-shows ever

1. Doctor Who. Having had it’s 50-years anniversary last year, it’s the longest running and most successful science fiction show in history. Amazing, beautiful and heartbreaking. You’ll love it if you’re a sucker for beautiful sceneries, creatively thought out cultures and the most beautiful quotes.

2. Sherlock Holmes. If you have not seen BBC’s modern day version of the classic, you’re missing out. Whoever you are, whatever you do, you’re missing out. It’s smart, unbelievably clever. Entertaining, funny, dramatic, anything you could ever wish for. An episode is 90 minutes long and more well-produced than a lot of movies. If you do not love it, the fault does not lie in the show.

3. Supernatural. This is different, because unlike Doctor Who and Sherlock I can’t objectively say that it’s one of the best. Man, sometimes I don’t even know if it’s good, I just know that I love it. It’s the type of show that effortlessly drags you in, and you fall for it, completely, without really knowing why, it just has… something.

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