Along the way

New York, December.

I’m sitting in my bed, stretching my legs out because today I’ve spent hours walking the streets of New York city. Here are some thoughts about it:

  • It’s darker than I thought and the buildings dissappear up in the clouds, the smell, the smoke, the soft rain. I love it.
  • There’s so many things happening already that whatever you’re doing might have already been done by someone. A lot of big people. I both do and do not feel cool here.
  • Manhattan is big, not a small island, but a city. It’s not one Street that is cool and crowded. The buildings stretch endlessly. Yet everything is right here, you can walk from central Park to rockefeller to times square.
  • I went to the New York Public Library. There are so many places where people are just being.
  • It feels completely ridiculous that New York city actually exists outside of the TV screen, like being here made me realise that in my head it was almost a fairytale. It’s a dream walking these streets. Yet it makes itself obvious.
  • It would take years of lunches to discover all the cute places to eat. Tempting.

And that’s all for this first day.


(I wrote “Along the way” as the name of this post, but this whole blog could carry that name, a life could.)

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