Do you want to give coffee to a stranger in snowy New York City??

Click here! 

Random post, I know, but do you guys remember this thing I wrote a while ago?? I still really want to give out Starbucks in Tokyo, but since I’m going to New York in a couple weeks anyways, I thought I’d try it there!

Soo, feel very welcome to click the link and give a few dollars, and I’ll use it to buy a coffee or hot chocolate and give it to a real, living, breathing person on the streets of New York! Kinda cool, right? And if you buy two I’ll use the extra money to send you a cute little christmasy thank you note! Cause I love to tie it back to you, so that you (whoever you are) also get something real and tangible after just clicking a few buttons. Just send me your address in an Instagram dm!

Hugs to you, I’m not writing much here right now, mainly because my computer broke and I’m sad, but I’m also happy because there are more important things in life than computers (say it til you mean it) and I’ll write more other days.

(Also, just one more thing, can we all appreciate that there are websites like unsplash where you can just download copyright-free photos, just like that?? I mean I could technically just download a bunch and make a pretty Instagram? And it wouldn’t be illegal? Cool. Okay, actually good bye.)

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