It’s time to continue

It is now day 59 of the new year. 59 days since the beginning and 59 days since we woke up one morning and nothing was different other than the digits making up the number of the year. Yet it was a new beginning, a new start for a lot of people, we’ve made it into a beginning and into an opportunity to create yourself anew. A moment to make decisions resulting in you, after this, being a different person. A better person, more closely moulded into the one you’ve always wanted to be. The truth is that if it’s easier to change that time of the year, it is because other people do it to. Other than that, there is no reason to not have a beginning now. You can make a decision any day, any time, that can change your life and probably do that more than the ones you make on new years eve change you. Because, let’s admit, they’re kinda made to be broken. Or at least suspected to be so. And if you make your promise at any other time, you’re reasons are probably better since they’re not partly that it’s what’s traditional to do.

But, anyway, that’s not what I was really going to talk about. Because the problem does not mainly lie in the beginning, we have so many things we want to start to do it does not take a lot for motivation to suddenly flare up. The problem resurfaces a few days, weeks, months, years later. When you remember why this is something you haven’t done before, or have failed to do for a few increasingly rememberable reasons.

Today, I want to motivate you to continue. To remember to be happy over the bad weather, because then no one else will be jogging and you’ll become just a little bit stronger than them. To continue when everybody else quits because that is what will separate you from them, that is what always separates successful people from less successful. They’re on fire. But more importantly, they don’t burn down, instead brighter.

As time goes by, you’ll perhaps learn to make your promises and dreams into routine. You’ll learn that you’re strong enough to actually keep up with things you never thought you’d go through with, and that confidence will lead you to further believe that you can actually keep doing this, this is what you are now. And the time to start continuing is always.


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