In orbit

What is your center of gravity?

You can notice what your mind is orbiting by observing what happens when you try to stop thinking. Go quiet for a second, and see what automatically pops up in your brain. Or if you start doing something brainless, like vacuuming, what is it that you start thinking about? It can be work stuff, if you’re in a productive flow, it can be problems, or it can be something completely removed from your own life, something from a book or tv show (as it often is for me).


What are you orbiting?

And then, once you realise it, what do you want it to be? And how do you change, or control it?

Through this: What you focus on becomes magnified in your life. It starts to take up more space. It becomes something that’s there in the back of your mind, even when you do other things. So, take your attention and choose what to aim it towards. Make sure it’s the right thing.

To me, it’s a bit like a solar system. I’m planet earth, and I close my eyes and think about what I’m orbiting.

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