Back home

From my other home. Oldenburg, Germany. It’s where I went to my first Teenstreet camp, six years ago. And with the same schedule, venue, traditions it felt like coming home. Like it is the same faceless crowd every year, and each time you get to know some more of them, by saying hi in the shower line or accidentally eating next to each other.

It was weird this year though. So many people weren’t there who usually are. People I’ve talked to a lot lately, I couldn’t anymore. I found myself laughing and turning around to tell someone, only to find people who wouldn’t get that inside joke. I know now why people want partners in crime. People who have been to the same places you have, in the same order.

Anyway, I think it’s the type of thing where every year is and will be great, but also a new thing, and I’ll have to accept it as that.

On a completely different note; MY FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW (!!!) My mom’s gonna do her hair. And here are some pictures of that, because it’s really, really pretty.

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