What is a DTS? (So Far)

A DTS – Discipleship Training School – with the organisation YWAM (Youth With A Mission) is 6 months that you set apart for God. 3 months of lectures and then almost 3 months of outreach, a missionary trip. I left Sweden a week ago and it feels like I’ve spent a lifetime here. My particular DTS in Florida has about 30 students and is also focused on the arts, so you can choose an art track to focus on during lecture phase. And it’s already my home. These people are my people. We prayed for the nations this morning, prayed for each other this afternoon. Ride our bikes through the city under Florida sun and rain and moonlight. They’ve got nothing left now either, we all left to come here and this is where we are, we are the ones who need to be each others’ home. What God does is good. I never want to leave.

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