Thank you

There is literally not a lot more I can do than be grateful. I’ve always liked that we’re sort of “allowed” to be angry with God but I’ve never quite managed it. I write one angry sentence in a prayer and then go on to always, sooner or later, realizing that my text instead has turned into gratefulness. As I write, I realize how small it is, or how everything worked out for the best, or in any way how God was always right there in the situation. I thank you, thank you for your love. For the people you’ve put into my life, and for the life I’m allowed to live, so lucky in comparison to such a big part of the world. I thank you for every single person I’ve loved, every single person I’ve met, close to me or now far away. And I thank you for the peace you put in my heart so that I have a core strong as stone when you send me out on adventures.

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