Psychologists scare me

Perhaps because as every other person, I like to believe that I make my own choices. I don’t want someone looking at me and immediately know how the puzzle falls together, how my family relations and childhood shaped me until who I am today. Like anyone, I want to believe that the choices I made were my own and not the result of a predictable pattern.

2 thoughts on “Psychologists scare me

  1. Hi – I found this when I googled “psychologists scare me” – yours was the frist result – then I read some more of your entries and got kind of interested in your life. You used to work at a school? I write a lot about education in different places. I write a lot haha.

    but i dont write in my blog anymore. anyhow i wanted to ask if u get depressed sometimes. im a little depressed tonight. i am living in south america now – uruguay – but i am from the usa – i guess u are from sweden. anyhow it would be nice to hear from u.


    • Hey! Thank you so much for writing. I feel like I do get depressed sometimes, but I never know if I should classify it as actual depression or not. I just feel like there’s a sadness about me. I don’t know if it will ever go away, but I also feel like that might be okay. Hope today is a happy day for you 🙂


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