I’ve read a lot about minimalism lately and it has seriously sparked my interest. Not as related to design, but as a lifestyle of owning less, so that less of your affection will be aimed at your belongings. Owning less so that it won’t be your focus, so that you’ll have less things that own you.

Now, imagine being able to fit everything you own into a few suitcases, imagine the freedom of being able to go anywhere you want and taking your home with you.

Though I would make an exception for my books. I guess that if you go all out you should give them away and instead retort to the nearest library, but that’s just one of those things I don’t at all have the desire to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love the library and used to never buy books, but now when I got myself a decent collection of the favourites I continually re-read, I like the way they look laying around in my room. Piled on top of small tables and on the floor with teacups balancing on top of them.

I get the point of a smaller wardrobe. Buy fewer but higher quality and perhaps more expensive pieces that will last and even make you look better, making it easier to choose your outfit in the morning and makes you spend less time worrying about how you look. I get the point of getting rid of things you just keep because you relate them to certain memories. I will keep my diaries and my photos, but that’s about all I need.

But I do not have any desires to get rid of my books. I could leave them with my relatives or someone I know instead. I could travel the world and go seek my safety with people instead of possessions, but whenever I move somewhere, whenever I settle down long enough buy a bed overlooking whatever cityscape or view of the landscape I have, then I will want them there to stack my teacups on.

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