Why do I keep doing things I do not want to do? Why do we all keep on doing things that make us unhappy? It bothers me, bothers me so much, all the things we do for the wrong reasons and all the things we turn to because of fear or anger or despair. Please don’t be the type of person that lets his or her life slowly drip away without anything really happening, because you spend to much time doing things that are not the best or brightest or most alive things you could spend you life doing. Don’t be the type of person that chooses career based on money, money so that you’re sure to survive and sure to be able to spend more time doing things you don’t actually want. If you’re passionate about it, it will show. Things will sort themselves out, you’ll be happy as long as you kick your fear in the ass and go for it. And please don’t be the type of person that goes for the guy or girl that just likes you. That goes for a person who is enough, who is okay and in your league. I hate seeing my friends settle for anything less than someone who makes your stomach flutter and treats you the way you should be treated. That loves you more than life and most of all someone that you would choose over everyone else in the world, over any artist or movie star, even if you were to be given a chance to get one of those. I want you to have a love story worthy of a nobelprize-winning novel. And I want you to stop doing things that do not bring you forward. I’m not gonna tell you to turn of your computer, but while you’re here, do something that’s worth your while. (so, lol, I’m pretty much telling you to get off this blog)

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