Early morning light

This morning the air smelled like rain. So much that it was heavy with it, almost too much. 

I woke up early, because I have a problem with keeping rhythm and “balance” and I know that if I keep trying to wake up at 9 I’ll also keep actually staying in bed til 11. So I get up super early every now and then, to turn everything completely around. Today I had my alarm at 4 am, but I woke up at 3.30, by myself, completely awake and – kind of – feeling ready to start my day. I suppose that’s a life hack for night owls, just get out of bed when it’s still night time. 

I took a nice walk some time after 6, and some guy asked me (in German) if I was just taking a walk or heading to work, and I answered (in German) that I was just walking, and we commented on how early it was and I was feeling much proud of my language skills. 

It’s gonna be a good day. (Or even if it’s not, this is a good moment.)


Ten Days

I’ve been absent from this blog because my German friends were visiting for 10 days, and I wanted to be entertaining. Here are some photos of my attempts at introducing them to the swedish culture.


We went to cozy cafés and my friend took photos of all the cakes and tried to figure out the ingredients.


My girls helped picking flowers for my dads 50th birthday, and all my relatives thought they were lovely.


I tried to do most of my studying while they were busy or (almost) sleeping.


And on the last day we went out with the boat. Here is when we parked/crashed into a tree, to have some hot chocolate.

It’s a bit empty now, but I’m still happy happy and grateful, because it’s been so good. And now spring is coming and time is moving softly, slowly, but securely.

Joy to you (don’t be alone) ★

Walking Thoughts of a Sunday Evening

I walked through the forest today, just after the sun had set, but while the sky was still clear enough that it could have been a cloudy midday. The birds were singing like crazy, as if trying to call the day back. The forest floor was covered in green leaves and white buds that made my heart hurt. Soon those flowers will bloom and it will look like it has been snowing again, until they die and leave space for summer. I looked and walked and thought that this was the saddest sadness I’d ever seen. The birds see death and think of birth, and I see birth and think of death.

Current assignment

This is what studying looked like today:


Because my current assignment for the course I’m taking is to observe how people use their phones. So basically I need to be a bit creepy, hang out in a public place for like an hour and take notes of what I see; what kind of people use their phones and in what way? And then I suppose I’m gonna write about my groundbreaking discoveries.

It’s a really cool course. And a really nice spring day.

Happy endings

I just handed in my last essay. 2 days to prom, 11 days til I graduate, and I have no more tests. No more essays. Quizzes, presentations.. it’s over. And what if I never study again? I don’t know where life’s gonna take me, but what if I don’t? Then I’m done. I can focus the rest of my life on doing what I want. I can learn because I want to and not because there’s a deadline tomorrow. So I’m just very excited and wanted to share it with you.

And my last blog post started off with me saying I don’t like endings. You know what? Sometimes I kinda do.

Completely irrelevant photo I took a while ago, because pictures making every blog post nicer, even when it's just random rambling.

Completely irrelevant photo I took a while ago, because pictures just make every blog post nicer, even random rambling.

To the future and beyond (look forward to prom pictures!!).

Painting and spring

I’m painting a wall at the moment. There’s this place where I have my art classes and we asked if we could transform one of the boring walls in the corridor into a jungle. We could. I’m here a lot during the breaks, and my teacher brought us a kettle so that we could boil our tea. So that’s how I spend my days, leaving early in the morning with the bus to go painting for the entire day except for when I’m drinking my tea or eating, and sometimes taking a break just sketching or drawing something of my own. Then I arrive home before the sun sets, so I don’t miss it. I wouldn’t want to miss the beginning of spring, it’s the classic swedish april. We even have a name, april-weather, which describes the weather of the month and can be applied to any other time when it’s like that. It can snow one day and then you can walk barefoot the next. Then it’s raining for a week and then it almost feels like summer. April-weather means confused weather, pretty much. And I do not want to miss the moments of sunshine I have, so I leave this place fairly early, face without makeup and splotches of colour on my hands.

Brighter life and longer days studying on a roof

The weather is changing and my world with it, there’s something about the light that makes me productive. And today my only homework is to spend one hour reading Jane Eyre, worse things have happened and I think I might climb up my roof and read there until the sun starts to set.

Had a freakin’ math test today that went okay, one lesson more and then the school day was over so we went to the gym for a while. Everyone at our school got a free entrance to a gym nearby for two weeks so that’s awesome. And then we went out and ate, my friend’s birthday is tomorrow so we had ordered a cake with a photo of her that she absolutely hate on, day couldn’t have gone better. And now I’ll have some time to do things I actually enjoy. I’m gonna start with running around barefoot, man I missed that.

So anyway, here are some pictures from yesterday, sitting on my roof and studying for that freakin’ math test.