Tae and flowers

There’s always a pile of A4 papers in front of my computer. I write my to do lists there, or my random thoughts, and when I’ve stared at the computer screen for too long I sometimes take a random pinterest picture and use it as a reference for some quick sketches. They always turn out nicer than they would if I had drawn them on actual good paper. Of course. The same way I always did my best drawings in the margins of class notes. I should go back to school and study something really boring.

DSC_0999 (1).JPG

Anyway, here’s a quick sketch of the beautiful Kim Taehyung, in his iconic anime character look. I know I shouldn’t just draw remarkably pretty people, but it’s easy because the lines are so simple to follow.


Also, my watercolour palette doesn’t have black, so his outfit turned into whatever colours were close at hand. Creativity under limitation (just always works somehow.)

Identity (The Garden Inside)

I have chosen dirt over flowers, and picked up the places I used to grow my values in, to move them inside of me.

I have been blue flowers, from the places I grew up in and the family I’m in.

I have been pink flowers, from what I found along the streets in new countries, from what I decided to be in new places.

I have been a collection, I have gathered them from around me, and (tried to) let the influence shape me into something I like.

I am now picking up the roots of the garden and putting it inside of me, so that I never run out of colours from different continents. So that I never have to starve in a place that’s barren.

Now, I’m growing (myself) up inside.